Team Fun Facts!

Pastor Lance is CCPS' School Administrator. He has a A.K.C. black lab named 'Ezra The Chief Priest', loves Kung Fu movies and plays disc golf competitively.

Ms. Sharnell is CCPS' Director. She loves to surf, her first pet was a horse, and her first job was milking goats.

Ms. Angela is CCPS' Assistant Director. Alpacas are her favorite animal, her favorite tree is a weeping willow, and her dream is to eat her way through Europe.

Ms. Beverly loves crafting, Thai bubble milk tea and her son.

Ms. Emma has two boys, enjoys family vacations and drinks lots of coffee.

Ms. Haley loves to sing, watch football and hockey and her fur babies.

Ms. Jessica learned to drive a car at 12 years old, has hiked the Grand Canyon and loves sloths.

Ms. Allison has two pugs and two hairless guinea pigs, she is a middle child and loves getting away to Mendocino, CA.

Ms. Natalie loves to bake and the color pink, and she is scared of bugs and snakes.

Mrs. Ann loves chocolate, has walked 8,500 miles with a Fitbit and drove a Yamaha motorcycle.

Mrs. Veronica loves Starbucks, her favorite season is fall and her favorite ice cream is Chunky Monkey.

Mrs. Tiffany loves butterflies, the color purple and her Lord Jesus Christ.

Ms. Dorothy is a 'junior' and has two people named after her, her dream car is a '67 Mustang and she could eat crab everyday.

Mr. Chris likes to sing, cook, play sports and be active.

Ms. Maria (not shown)

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